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14 Days to Happiness

(Inspired by the Law of Attraction) New habits don’t simply develop overnight. However, with a little willpower and a commitment to making small, positive and manageable changes each day, you can make significant shifts in your happiness and well-being. Try undertaking these 14 challenges over the next two weeks to experience 14 days of growth that will help you vibrate at a higher frequency and…

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Listening to your Heart. 

Listening to your Heart. Since becoming a mom, so many things have changed. My daily routines, the way I work, play, shop, what used to be Sunday Fundays are now Sunday run errand days, and even everyday tasks like eating, showering and basic self-care have altered dramatically. Mostly these things have changed because of time, and simply not having enough of it. Having a baby…

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Mama on the go!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ergobaby Metro Stroller. Mama on the go.  I learned really quickly that the key to successful trips with Baby en tote is convenience compact ability. Babies need SO. MANY. THINGS. I’ve had to sacrifice countless super cute outfits and lux toiletries just so we can get all of Bella’s stuff packed. The one major…

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Hey Baby!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart Baby Savings Days. The opinions and text are all mine.  Oh HI there Mamas! I SEE you.. no like I really SEE YOU. With your messy top knot, stained fav t-shirt, bottomless pile of laundry and that mug of coffee. Maybe it’s even your 3rdmug of coffee and its only 8am, but hey,…

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Turmeric Latte by Chef Nikki

On October 3, Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was, and on October 3, 2018, the IRL Aaron Samuels released a Burn Book. With this version of the tome though, you’ll just be left cooking up a healthy storm, armed with a stellar turmeric latte recipe, rather than storming school halls in a rage. The unofficial and unauthorized Mean Girls cookbook—The Burn Cookbook:…

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You Can’t Sip With Us

For Hello Giggles. Interviewed and written by Elizabeth Entenman. Close your eyes and try to imagine a world without Mean Girls. It’s nearly impossible, right? When the movie hit theaters in 2004, it was an instant classic. Mean Girls quotes immediately became part of our vocabulary. The movie went on to inspire beauty products, tattoos, and even a Broadway musical. And now, it’s taking over our kitchens. Introducing The Burn Cookbook: An…

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That Gut Feeling …

#BelieveInYourGut –>> Ever heard the phrase : “Follow your gut?” Or “I’ve got a Got Feeling?” Ever wonder what your emotions and your colon have in common? Well did you know that most of your serotonin (your brain + body’s happy camper neurotransmitter) is actually produced in your gut?  Thats right! When people say they need to “believe in their gut,” it’s most likely because…

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Pantry Essentials: What Every Home Cook Must Have

So you wanna cook at home, but have no freaking idea where to start. Okay- good news- I’m gonna help. I truly believe a good Chef is made up of the quality of their ingredients. Technique may be taught, but passion + flavor cannot. So, set yourself up right with  the best essentials needed for success! First and Foremost:  A DECANTER for WINE.   Wine,Every Chef…

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chef Nikki Martin loves Miraval rose' wine

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for checking out my site. A few of my fav things are avocados, rose' , hip hop yoga and throwing dinner parties. I hope to inspire each one of you with my food and lifestyle philosophy. xo

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  • Vibes are 💯 at this cozy WeHo rooftop spot.
  • S A L A D  all  D A Y • one of my favorite things to make is a perfectly curated salad with all the freshest lettuces, herbs, a really good shaved parm, and tossed with a bright citrus vinaigrette. Salads don’t have to be rabbit food, they can be hearty, decadent and even an entire meal. I especially love that the foundation of a really good salad comes rooted from the earth.
This salad is a nightly go-to and crowd pleaser. Wild rocket, radicchio, torn herbs like mint, basil and parsley, grano padano cheese and gently dressed with lemon, EVOO, sea salt and cracker pepper. Need some protein? Easy. Add grilled chicken and  dinner is served. Don’t forget a glass of ever so slightly chilled Pinot Noir. Yum.
Tell me foodies- What are some of your fav everyday salads to make? 🥗
  • D I R T Y  T A L K • Being a Chef can be a messy job. Thank goodness for @SamsClub, because they always stock my #1 kitchen cleaning essential. #ad Check out my latest blog post to see what I’m talking about. Link in bio. #ad #DawnProAtSams
  • M A M A + B A B Y • Last weekends Shenanigans in Palm Springs 🌵 Swipe through to see the recap! Bella wasn’t a huge fan of the 105 temps but we BOTH were fans of the pool and cool Palm Springs Architeture.

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