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14 Days to Happiness

(Inspired by the Law of Attraction)

New habits don’t simply develop overnight. However, with a little willpower and a commitment to making small, positive and manageable changes each day, you can make significant shifts in your happiness and well-being.

Try undertaking these 14 challenges over the next two weeks to experience 14 days of growth that will help you vibrate at a higher frequency and bring you closer to living your best life.

1. Use Words That Encourage Happiness

The next time someone asks you how you are, don’t say “fine” or “okay.” Instead, tell someone how happy or excited you are about something that’s happening or something that’s inspiring gratitude.

This will induce a better mood, and spread joy to others too.

2. Try One New Thing Every Day

First-time experiences spark inspiration and curiosity, so try to have one each day for the next 14 days.

It can be something small like striking up a conversation with a stranger or sampling a different type of cuisine, but go big if you want!

Visit a brand new place, start a new hobby, or make a change to your home.

3. Dedicate An Hour A Day To One Of Your Passions

Everyone has busy lives, but you can make time for an hour devoted to a key hobby each day.

Whether it’s religion, music, sport or a particular field of study, engage in something you truly care about and notice how much meaning it adds to your life.

4. Treat Everyone Nicely

Be nice, even to those you dislike. Show respect, kindness, and compassion to all you encounter; not because they’re nice people, but because you are.

You may be surprised how rudeness around you begins to dissolve over the next 14 days.

5. Get Rid Of One Thing Per Day

We’re all surrounded by clutter, so challenge yourself each day to get rid of something you no longer need.

You may feel resistant at first, but you’ll soon notice how freeing this habit can be.

Bonus points if you find a better home for things you don’t need (e.g. by donating them to charity or giving them to a friend).

6. Work On One Long-Term Goal For An Hour Every Day

Break a major goal into 14 smaller pieces, and focus on one per day (for roughly an hour each time).

These baby steps will move you slowly and surely towards your aim, and this is a highly effective way of turning big dreams into reality.

7. Read A Chapter Of A Good Book Every Day

It’s tempting to spend most of your reading time online, but both classic books and contemporary novels have a lot to offer the imagination. I always have a stack of non-fiction books near by, I work my way eventually through each, or at least the parts that I need. Here is the list of What’s on my Nightstand ( including my top 5 self help and motivational books)

8. Spend 10 Minutes Of Your Evening Reflecting On What Went Well

Whether you prefer 10 minutes of quiet reflection or want to write ideas down, make sure you perform an inventory of the things you enjoyed about your day.

Suggested entries include signs of personal growth, moments of human connection, and beautiful things you saw.

9. Reach Out To Someone Every Day

For each of the 14 days, find someone you haven’t spoken to in a while (or someone you’ve never really gotten to know) and send them a message or strike up a conversation.

Everyone has something unique to offer, and these small gestures of interest can make more difference than you know.

10. Let Go Of One Relationship That Constantly Hurts You

Be honest about who really encourages you, motivates you and makes you happy. Consider whether there are any sources of toxicity, low self-esteem or cruelty in your life, and think about how you can begin to let such a person go.

11. Do A Random Act Of Kindness Every Day

It’s fun to think of a new way to be kind each day. The options are endless!

You might babysit for a relative, compliment a stranger, take on a little extra work, or buy a meal for someone in need.

12. Repeat Positive Affirmations For Five Minutes Each Morning

You may already be practicing affirmations, by try saying them for a full five minutes before you start your day.

They hold more power when repeated sincerely and frequently.

Plus, remember that you’re free to adjust the words you say until you feel they resonate most powerfully.

13. Do Something You’re Scared Of

Try to get rid of one limiting belief that induces fear and holds you back from being fulfilled.

Perhaps you have mistaken underlying assumptions about your intelligence, your talent, your attractiveness or what you “deserve.”

Locate one such belief, fully explore where it came from, and steadily work to combat it over your 14 days.

14. Practice Self-Care Every Day For 15 Minutes

Finally, spend at least 15 minutes a day just being kind to yourself. Do yoga, take a bath, say “no” to something that would drain your resources, or buy yourself a small treat.

I love using my self care time for a long bath, glass of wine and face mask. Check out my post on my Favorite Indulgent Face Masks here.

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Here are the top things you can do and take to boost your immunity in this crazy time!

It is easy to make at home or buy at your regular store. I like the brand Gaia because they don’t use honey, which makes it good to use for babies and vegans. I like to take this when I know I was around a lot of people or feel the sickies coming on. This should not be taken daily.

50mg when you are feeling rundown kicks your immune system into gear. I like to use the brands Thorn and Pure Encapsulations. This will help your immunity skyrocket!

Liposomal Vitamin C
This can be taken on a daily basis. This is a gel that can be thrown into your drinks. Make sure you don’t take too much or it’ll cause diarrhea.

Seventy percent of our immune system lives in our gut. This helps repair the live bacteria in our stomachs and help our immune systems stay strong. Change your strand every six months so you don’t become immune to them. I like Klair Labs Probiotics. Probiotics are best when they are refrigerated in a glass bottle.

Essential Oils
You can diffuse them, put them on your body, take them internally, use them as cleaning products, and so much more! Doterra OnGuard is the best. Make sure you buy a high-quality essential oil.

Stop eating processed foods
Especially in the winter when our immunity is down. These foods lower our immune systems, so with a clean diet, you can boost your immunity!

Bone Broth
This is an amazing thing to bring into your diet. It is simmered and brewed for 24 hours, unless you have an Instapot. The benefits are outrageous for your gut health.

Cut the dairy
It is terrible for you and causes phlegm. It messes with your gut and congests the lungs. Avoid dairy, especially if you are sick.

Meditate + Home Yoga 
Keeping your mind calm and sane is key for your immune system. Stress is the worst toxin. Take the extra time we have at Home to relax, listen to guided meditations, practice yoga with the kiddos and just find ways to chill the F out.
Drop your fav healthy home remedies here 👇🏼Let’s spread Health + Good Vibes only! Tag your posts and spread the word:

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