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That Gut Feeling …

#BelieveInYourGut –>> Ever heard the phrase : “Follow your gut?” Or “I’ve got a Got Feeling?” Ever wonder what your emotions and your colon have in common? Well did you know that most of your serotonin (your brain + body’s happy camper neurotransmitter) is actually produced in your gut?  Thats right! When people say they need to “believe in their gut,” it’s most likely because that’s where the happy cells are made, so it’s especially crucial that we take care of our gut health.

When our body’s digestion is slow, sluggish and backlogged, we do not properly absorb nutrients from the foods we eat, which means we can’t create all the necessary components to live happy, healthy lives. The foods we eat, paired with the fast paced/busy world we live in, leads to poor digestion, inadequate water intake, junk food binges and low fiber. This all slows down our immune systems, making us sluggish and even quite possibly sad!  Sounds awful right? But have no fear because rebooting your gut and getting back on track with making those happy brain cells is a simple remedy! It’s all about BALANCE. And introducing healthy bacteria is the only way to do it.


If you’re a wellness junkie and anything like me, you may already have an arsenal of vitamins and supplements that you take on a daily basis, and probably don’t want to add anymore. That’s why when I found Tropicana Probiotics drinks in my local market, I was sooooo excited. It’s not another pill I have to remember to take, it’s a drink. A super fresh and tasty one, too! Not only do they come in three delicious and tropical flavors–Strawberry Banana, Pineapple Mango, and Peach Passion Fruit–but they are also action packed with over a billion active and live cultures. Tropicana Probiotics’ main active culture stems from the family of bifidobacteria, which is a super friendly bacteria, like the BFF of all bacterias. It is even said that this strain of bacteria can even help people that suffer from IBS and other gastrointestinal issues.


Tropical probiotics  make a super quick and easy breakfast drink or a fun addition to your daily smoothie. I personally have been mixing the Peach Passion Fruit with a handful of organic spinach, a banana, some greek yogurt and Pea Protein and HOLY WOW! YUM!! I have energy all morning and notice a huge difference in bloating after meals for the rest of the day. Which is an added bonus, because although balancing gut health doesn’t necessarily result in weight loss, it CAN flatten your stomach, which we all could use every now again, especially since summer and bikini season is right around the corner. Speaking of summer… seriously, every single Tropicana Probiotics flavor made me feel like I was on a tropical vacation. So what have you got to lose???!

I’m not sure about you but I want to really believe in my gut, be healthy, happy and not bloated! Don’t you? Give it a shot….  #BelieveInYourGut

I’ve partnered with our friends at Megan Media and Tropicana for this post. The opinions and ideas are my own. 



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Here are the top things you can do and take to boost your immunity in this crazy time!

It is easy to make at home or buy at your regular store. I like the brand Gaia because they don’t use honey, which makes it good to use for babies and vegans. I like to take this when I know I was around a lot of people or feel the sickies coming on. This should not be taken daily.

50mg when you are feeling rundown kicks your immune system into gear. I like to use the brands Thorn and Pure Encapsulations. This will help your immunity skyrocket!

Liposomal Vitamin C
This can be taken on a daily basis. This is a gel that can be thrown into your drinks. Make sure you don’t take too much or it’ll cause diarrhea.

Seventy percent of our immune system lives in our gut. This helps repair the live bacteria in our stomachs and help our immune systems stay strong. Change your strand every six months so you don’t become immune to them. I like Klair Labs Probiotics. Probiotics are best when they are refrigerated in a glass bottle.

Essential Oils
You can diffuse them, put them on your body, take them internally, use them as cleaning products, and so much more! Doterra OnGuard is the best. Make sure you buy a high-quality essential oil.

Stop eating processed foods
Especially in the winter when our immunity is down. These foods lower our immune systems, so with a clean diet, you can boost your immunity!

Bone Broth
This is an amazing thing to bring into your diet. It is simmered and brewed for 24 hours, unless you have an Instapot. The benefits are outrageous for your gut health.

Cut the dairy
It is terrible for you and causes phlegm. It messes with your gut and congests the lungs. Avoid dairy, especially if you are sick.

Meditate + Home Yoga 
Keeping your mind calm and sane is key for your immune system. Stress is the worst toxin. Take the extra time we have at Home to relax, listen to guided meditations, practice yoga with the kiddos and just find ways to chill the F out.
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